Move Management & Consierge Services

Life Transitions provides a concierge approach to move management.

With nearly ten years of relocation experience, our dedicated team understands the stress associated with managing and coordinating all the different elements of moving. From coordinating realtors & vendors, changing addresses, our team will focus on the logistics so you can focus on what matters most. We welcome the opportunity to customize our move management services in any way necessary to help you simplify life.


The key to a successful moving experience is strategic planning and management. Our Life Transitions teams are trained to manage the details of every home or office move to meet your unique goals. Each project comes with a customized plan, budget & strategic timeline.

  • Move Planning-  We understand that a moving plan is so much more than arranging furniture. We have orchestrated thousands of moves and aware of every challenge, from reconnecting your internet/computers, transferring cable service, setting up your coffee station, organizing a new office space, to rearranging your most precious collections.
  • Space Planning- Our trained space planners will ensure that every inch of your home and office is maximally used. This will help insure that your transition from your old space will be in accordance to your new lifestyle. We will patiently assist you in progression of your new space.
  • Floor Planning- Life Transitions takes in consideration your lifestyle to help create a floor plan for your new or existing home. With your possessions in mind, our floor planner will assist you in creating a functional, comfortable, and beautiful new space.