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It is our goal to simplify how you get the personalized help you need for packing, unpacking, organizing, and moving all in one place. Take a look at our packages and select the one that makes sense for you. One of our transition specialists will contact you for scheduling once you select a package and checkout.

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Life Transition Service

If you want or need our Transition Specialists to complete your move from A to Z, our fully custom Life Transition Service is everything you need, and a lot of what you may not know you need.

To discuss our Life Transition Service, contact us at (317) 748-4633 or by email.

Packing for a Move

Extra hands to give you the packing boost you need. Good for knocking out cluttered spaces.


[wp_cart_button name="Packing: 4hrs" price="300"]

Perfect for getting a couple of rooms packed professionally, especially your kitchen!


[wp_cart_button name="Packing: 6hrs" price="300"]

Our expert packers will help boost your packing progress to ensure an on-time move!


[wp_cart_button name="Packing: 8hrs" price="300"]

Let our expert packers fast-track your packing so you can focus on your new home!


[wp_cart_button name="Packing: 10hrs" price="300"]

Just Moving

Life Transitions does not outsource the physical moving of your belongings. You can rest assured that our employees will handle all moving services, on our company owned trucks, every time!

Two Movers and a Truck

You’ve already packed and just need your belongings moved – Minimum Move Package (includes up to 6 Total Hours)

Two Movers and a Truck: $450

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Additional Moving Services

Goodwill: $105

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Haul-Away: $250

[wp_cart_button name="Moving: Haul-Away" price="250"]

Any Moving Services packaged with packing/unpacking and/or downsizing/rightsizing services will be quoted by one of our Transition Specialists during your scheduling call. If you have a larger home and only require Moving Services, call us at (317) 748-4633 or send us an email. Our Moving Services rate is $75 per hour, per move.

Unpacking After a Move

Unpacking Jumpstart


[wp_cart_button name="Unpacking: Jumpstart" price="750"]

Let our Transition Specialists help you get the essentials unpacked so you can focus on settling in. Includes 10 hours of unpacking and decorating.

A Functional Home


[wp_cart_button name="Unpacking: Functional Home" price="1500"]

Our Transition Specialists will do everything you need to sleep in your bed the first night. Includes 20 hours of unpacking and decorating.

Lived Here for Years


[wp_cart_button name="Unpacking: Lived Here for Years" price="3750"]

Full service package. Our Transition Specialists will help you fully unpack and decorate your home. Includes 50 hours of expert transition services.


Level 1 Title


[wp_cart_button name="Downsizing: Level 1" price="300"]

The description for this serfvice goes here.

Level 2 Title


[wp_cart_button name="Downsizing: Level 2" price="600"]

The description for this serfvice goes here.

Level 3 Title


[wp_cart_button name="Downsizing: Level 1" price="900"]

The description for this serfvice goes here.

Level 4 Title


[wp_cart_button name="Downsizing: Level 1" price="1200"]

The description for this serfvice goes here.

Organizing Your Home

4 Hours


[wp_cart_button name="Organizing: 4 Hours" price="300"]
  • Closet
  • Clutter
  • Paperwork
  • Collections, etc.

8 Hours


[wp_cart_button name="Organizing: 8 Hours" price="600"]
  • Kitchen
  • Room Redesign
  • Re-work Floorplan
  • Room Function Development

Not finding the solution you need? Contact us at (317) 748-4633 or by email.

Important Items You Should Know

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Checks
  • Travel fees may apply
  • Package prices Do Not include supplies
  • All packages must be purchased in advance of services rendered and are non-refundable within 3 business days of the scheduled services
  • There is an additional 10% surcharge for services scheduled on weekends and during holiday weeks
  • All hours indicated are “Total Hours.” For example, two (2) packers working for four (4) hours each equals eight (8) “Total Hours.”